Pey-Art designs and implements a broad collection of decorative pools. Our collection covers kids’ fountains, musical fountains, interactive water show fountains, architectural and constructional fountains, water screens and ponds.

Pey-Art carefully selects the materials used in the pool projects, in accordance to the environment and the concept of the works. In fact, we have a wide range storage of exclusive ceramics, artificial rock systems and pebble stone.

From the 1998 until today, we are using a perspective characterized by innovation and creativity. Indeed, so far the company provided over 100 projects in different concepts, mostly in Turkey, where our headquarters are.

Pey-Art guarantees services beyond the average, offering solutions which cover the whole process of the ideas realization. We manufacture all the mechanical systems that are used in pool project using sophisticated and modern technologies of lights, lasers and water shows.

We are capable of satisfy any necessity with a combination of high-tech computer-controlled systems and the simplicity of the modern innovation automation.

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