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Pey Art Landscape and Architecture is among the biggest service providers of our sector in Antalya and in the hole Turkey. We are creating a fresh and original style willing to astonish our costumer every time like it was the first.

    Throughout the years, in order to achieve that aim, we felt the necessity to enlarge our company in each branch of the landscape design and implementation. It has been difficult to structure an organization which could harmoniously combine different approaches and mind-set under one unique name.

      In order to get to know us better we will bring you inside Pey Art through a photo gallery which will first start with one of the most important element in our sector. Our nursery, a green hearth based in Antalya, the south of Turkey, where we grow plants and flower directly from the seeds or for a precise time until they are going to the construction site or when we deliver it to our costumers.

        Antalya as a Mediterranean city offers to our nursery a perfect environment for growing. It is a warm and quite humid city, which allow us to plant and grow different kind of seeds. In the winter never goes below 0° Celsius, so mostly of our plant are not suffering harsh winter and usually the possibility of getting frozen is really low. On the other hand, the summer is particularly hot especially in the months of July and August and this high temperature in the middle of the season is a perfect combination which allow us to grow tropical plants of almost any kind.

          The use of palms for instance in this territory is quite a common way to design landscapes. Another peculiarity of this region is the wind, as mostly of the seaside cities, where is blowing quite often during the year. Wind is often enough strong to take the see water distribute it to the shrubs, plants and flower along the costal side. This action, combined with the special location of the city, made possible the combination and generation of some peculiar flowers and plants such as:

          • Ophrys oestrifera,
          • Verbascum levanticum,
          • Fritillaria acmopetala,
          • Ferula communis,
          • Allium nigrum,
          • Lathyrus species,
          • Gladiolus italicus,
          • Arum dioscorides,
          • Limodorum abortivum,
          • Papaver rhoeas.

          We are glad to show you part of our nursery here on this page and we will update it periodically according to the season and diversity which will come into our green hearth, you are more than welcome to come and visit us or get in touch with us

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