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All of our solutions have been developed in order to release services which covers every needs related with the sector of landscaping and garden caring.

We aim to satisfy the needs of:

  • Single individuals and residences who wants to give the right importance to the environment where they live. Providing serene and joyfulness to the families through our ideas.
  • Businesses which need the creation of peculiar areas in order to allow a better experiences for them own visitors and clients. We aim to provide your business a unique identity through creativity and innovation.

distribution material

Seed and Soil Distribution

Use the green at his best. Pey-Art guarantees for you the quality and the efficiency of our flower and grass seeds which you can combine with an aware selection of special soil.

Sihirli Sular

Magic Water

We empower water through several effects like sounds and light, adding a bit of magic to  this vivid and spectacular natural element. We defined it in 3 categories: Pool, Spectacular Water and Funtains, Ponds.

Indoor & Outdoor plants

Have a look inside our wide variety of Indoor Plant Collection, Outdoor Plant Collectio, Flower Seeds and Grass Carpet Seeds. Here you can find our treasures, the green element which guide our spirit.

Artificial Rock Implementation

Rock implementation is among our most spectacular solutions especially if combined with vivid elements like water and lights, have a look around our project.

Peyzaj Uygulama

Landscape Implementation

The structure of our implementation solutions is capable to cover any area about Landscape Implementation, Wood Workshop, Gaming Area and Sport Field, and  Irrigation System.

Project Design

Creativity, design, and experience. These is what you will difficultly find somewhere else.

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