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We are the Turkish distributor of MIKSKAAR TORF which is one of the most resourceful soil worldwide. Our choice has been characterized by the principle of quality and we are glad to offer to our costumer one of the best soil composition.

Considering soil as sub item for any plant production is a huge mistake.

Soil needs 5 peculiarities:

  • Uniformity: If the soil has not a proper mixture it means it is not a quality product, so it will not give the right amount of nutrition that your ground needs, affecting negatively the plants growing.
  • Drain capacity: the water draining is probably one of the most delicate action in the plant nutrition. If this the draining capacity is not enough valuable it means that the water will stand among the rots suffocating the plant.
  • Humidity conservation: the soil has the necessity to maintain the roots partially humid in order to sustain the plant feeding along the time.
  • Lightness: a light soil has a primary importance, because it guarantees a right balance for the water nutrition and the air circulation.

If during the lifetime of your plants are occurring any kind of problems mostly of the time it is because your soil has not a proper balance of the mentioned features.

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