Roses which belongs to the family Rosaceae, is a genre that includes around 150 species, divided into numerous varieties with countless hybrids and cultivars. It is a native genre of Europe and Asia, varying in height from 20 cm to several meters includes species bushy, ramblers, climbing, crawling, shrubs and small trees to flower big or small, in bunches.

Here we will explain some practical advice on advices on how to give our roses the right soil and the right amount of water, to have healthy plants and thrived.

The rose itself is not a delicate plant but is demanding in the soil types, humidity, in the pruning and fertilization.

A good fertilization, as we said in the previous article, soil allows our roses to grow vigorously, producing abundant blooms and long lasting. A healthy plant is a plant that is more resistant to pests also. If at the base of our plants we see theme ruined by parasites during, especially after the summer period, means that there is very often a shortage of nutrients in the soil.

The rose in fact needs these: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. Which could be find only in proper mixed soil.

Nitrogen stimulates plant growth and makes the leaves take on a dark green.

Phosphorus serves mainly to the development of the roots, potassium intensifies the color of the flowers, strengthens plant resistance to frost and to diseases like rust, the “cancer” of roses.

Iron and manganese prevent yellowing and leaf drop.

Calcium is essential for growth, is present in all soils except in those acids, where it is necessary to add calcium nitrate.

Watering roses do not require special rules than other plants, but care must be taken two good rules. The first is that water should reach all over the root system and not only a part, therefore watering must distribute the water all around the plant and not only in one single area because by doing so the plant would be subjected to a stress. The consequences of a non-proper irrigation could create quickly and irrecoverable effects on our several roses tree, while one part is absorbing all of the water, the other could starve to death.

Our suggestion on a proper habits for our rose life is: watering every day with a little water does not help the plant to grow, Our roses would rather requires abundant watering twice a week. The amount is linked to the nature of the soil, the season and climate and exposure.

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