First part: Creating wonderful garden

Landscape architecture is considered as a part of the architecture which has the specific focus on the outdoor places for instance gardens and park. Around this sector the professional figures usually involved are plenty, but the main role and specialization is always the landscape architect.

How much do you know about landscaping and design? Are you able to realize your own garden from the scratch to the implementation?

If you are not able to answer, then do not panic. We have prepared this article especially for you, in order to introduce you a basic knowledge of our job.

You do not need any background neither studying all the flower typologies which belong to your specific region. You will Simply just need to rely on instinct, unleash creativity and imagination and follow these seven tips for beginners of garden design, which will guide you step by step to the creation of a beautiful garden, perfectly balanced, where the green and the other elements in play great harmony, to the delight of the eyes.

You can also have a look to our suggestion section on our website, where you will find the best practices for your garden
Of course nothing of these tips could be compared to a specific work managed by a professional company or person who develop a perfect project suitable with the area we are willing to transform.

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Seven useful tips for designing gardens

If you want to give a new appearance to your garden or if you want to transform it completely, here you will find seven tips to design the garden of your dreams, step by step.
Do not be overwhelmed by the huge amount of possibility you can find on internet. There is no need to get worried and do not get confused: designing gardens is not as complicated as it may seem, you need to follow up a clear and structure idea.

Let’s have a look on the best ways to start to design a landscape design.

One: Start from the list
First, if you have not a clear idea and you do not know from where you should start, make a list in which you are going to find needs and wishes:

  • the needs of your family, for example if your kids need a place to play ;
  • your wishes, if you want to grow some vegetables for example, or to create a patio where you can relax and invite friends for a dinner or just for a chat.

Later try to do a pencil sketch draft, through design, to divide the spaces you have available identifying which may suit your purposes. It is a great organizing principle for the design of landscape design, especially if you are the first experience.

You can initially to set up your garden with only a sketch by making two lines and some circle, and together with the family you could start to understand how you want to fulfill the spaces. You can play with ideas in a simple way, with little effort and without wasting much time.



Two: the position according to the elements

If you want to design a garden without any errors then you need to consider very well all of the elements. First of all the position of the sun and wind are particularly important for the place where you are going to build, for instance, your gazebo or patio, or any other area you have in mind.

By starting with this approach you can be sure to take advantage of the location you have created in every moment of the day and throughout the year.
Another example could concern the patio arrangement. If, for instance, you are planning to arrange a patio on the west side of the garden, remember that due to the inclination of the sun in the summer season, it could be too hot for a lunch or even dinner.

The wind is another important element for your garden. If you are planning to set up a chimney on your patio, then you should carefully check the location. The wind could generate problems not only to the plants, setting them on fire, but you could also bother your guests with smokes and smells.

These are the most common mistakes that can be committed during the design of a landscape design. But do not be alarmed! Simply look for a few days your garden and you will know exactly where to set up a relaxation area and where not. The best solution is primarily not to hurry and to carefully study the various areas of the garden. Even though you like more the grass in one specific area that does not mean that is suitable to place the gazebo or the main table, take your time do not rush and analyze.


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