What Is An international Exposition?

Expo is an international exhibition which has been taking place since 1851. The first Expo was, however, realized in London, precisely at Crystal Palace inside Hyde Park. The exhibition was ideated by the brilliant Albert, Prince Consort, and in just a brief time it has become one of the main world manifestations. Expo is indeed influencing and representing the modern aspect of societies all around the world, aspects such as education, arts and economy.

The official universal exposition has been taking place every 5 years, mainly because of economic reasons, but its concept has also changed in modern times. A “world exposition” can be considered as a minor expo even though it does not officially happen in every five years. This option gave all nations of the world the possibility to create several events each year.

street architecture

The exhibition offers the possibility to internationally show up the capabilities of every nation through creating a peculiar concept inside an assigned area in expo locations. According to the theme chosen by the yearly committee, nations are required to elaborate a structure representing both expo guidelines and the nation’s background. A replica of Eiffel Tower was made on the occasion of universal exposition held in Paris in 1889, for example.

Antalya International Exposition

The event set up in Antalya has started in 23rd of April and it will last until 30th October. The subject of this expo was decided by the Expo Committee as “Flowers and Children: A Green World for the Next Generation”. As enhancing interaction among people and green areas is among the biggest challenges of modern times, this theme was chosen for expo. All of the participants have to represent its own concept of green spaces based on their own unique culture.

For the current exposition the facilities built are: expo tower which is approximately 120 meters long and a unique triple entrance partially inspired by famous Adrian Gate’s. Apart from this, visitors will be able to find the first Agriculture and Biodiversity Museum as well as Amphitheatres, children playground, and Science and Technology Centre for Children.

Antalya International Exposition is intended as a clear message to the whole world. Turkey, with the rest of the world, is willing to focus its efforts and attention on the future of our planet and us human beings.

south korean garden expo antalya 2016 landscape and architecture

Why Antalya?

Antalya offers an incredible climate combination with a typically Mediterranean temperature that generally does not go below 0° throughout the whole year. Besides this peculiarity, Antalya is extending right in front of the seaside where the combination of natural phenomenon has generated special plant kinds such as Delphinium Staphisagria, Fumaria Parviflora, Papaver Gracile and lots more.

Because of all these reasons, Antalya has become one of the biggest hubs for flower business and landscape architecture. Near the city centre, you can find the biggest producer and exporter of flower in the world, actually.

Who Made Expo Gardens?

Expo Gardens were probably one of the biggest challenges of the exposition: a proof and a consequent demonstration of Turkish firms’ capacity to understand and elaborate the necessity of several nations presented all together.

Turkey, especially Antalya, has a huge international experience developed along the years thanks to its various touristic attractions, but for the first time in history Turkish firms and international team representatives have been cooperating to reach a common goal: Expo Gardens.

south korean garden expo antalya 2016 landscape and architecture

We, both local and international teams, have collaborated and realized various gardens such as:


Chinese garden which is approximately 3.000 m2 big is among the biggest areas of the entire exposition. Chinese team decided to be in charge of the whole project in order to reduce costs that they may face along with the realization of a huge green area characterized by water systems and various implementations.

When they have come to visit our nursery, however, they were pretty satisfied of the outcome. Even though there were language barriers and cultural differences, we managed to find a way to become useful in some part of their project such as green implementations.


South Korea

When the project team came to visit our offices, they were still doubtful about their participation. They were not sure whether they would be able to realize their initial idea with a reduced budget. This required a long and smart evaluation process which finally ended up into one of the most beautiful gardens of the whole exhibition.

South Korean garden has a relevant extension characterized by several structures creating a peculiar balance among plants, objects and constructions.

We have cooperated with the national project manager and achieved the project by providing services in different stages of the process. The peculiarity of the Korean structures was astonishing, creating a real challenge for Pey-Art, but it also broadened our horizons for different concepts of landscape design and architecture.



Japan team managers where among the first group which started to cooperate with Pey-Art for their landscape and architecture project. Theirs was also the first project to be ready a few weeks before the official opening.

Japan gardens are a combination of several elements: a majority of wood and green which gives the typical minimalism and qualitative sensation of a classy Japanese green area, where the equilibrium among all of the structures is essential.

The working experience was impressively inspiring, the dedication and the discipline of the Japanese mind-set was a priceless lesson which we see as a precious example for our future workflow.



The project of Turkmenistan gardens had arrived quite late during the preparation of the exhibition. Our team was very surprised and doubtful at the same time, but everyone was organized quite well and a well-structured project management guaranteed that the gardens would be completed on time.

The affinity between the two cultures has been transformed into a pleasant and smooth work flow.

We have contributed to the realization of all the landscape implementation of the garden area, including the unique animal-like installations.



Indian’s garden started in the first months of 2016 after setting up the main guidelines for the project.

The work flow has been neat and completed with ease thanks to the whole process being organized effectively. The landscape and architecture of Indian gardens were a bit different from what we were used to see in the previous projects from Asian cultures.

The Indian pavilion actually presents quite a basic form of landscape and architecture structure because its real focus is based on the decoration surrounding the entire building, as well as its entrances.


“Tübitak” – The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

“Tübitak” is the The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. It is a national agency of Turkey which intends to develop technology and science innovation policies as well as gaining support and research opportunities. It develops plans to play a leading role among the world’s science and innovation agencies.

For Tübitak, our team have provided logo installation and realization at the entrance of the pavilion.


Tim -Turkish Exporters Assembly

Our team cooperated with Tim (Turkish Exporters Assembly) for partial landscape services such as grass implementation.

In our opinion, the international exhibition has been a great challenge for us, but we still had the opportunity to investigate different approaches to landscape and architecture thanks to leaning techniques and facing difficulties typical to an international and dynamic environment.

We are satisfied of our cooperation with countless teams from various nations and also with our new partnerships worldwide which have stimulated us to improve our quality even more. We are glad to be a leading company in our sector once again, both for the Turkish environment and for an enlarged and international ecosystem of companies, all of which wilfully engage themselves in a process to create a better and greener planet for future generations.




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