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  • Implementation and Project Design 100%
  • Magic Water 90%
  • Seeds and Soil distribution 80%
  • Indoor & Outdoor Plants and Flower 100%
PEY-ART is a Landscape Architecture, Design and Construction Company based in Antalya, Turkey. Since its birth in 1992, Pey-Art provided complete and innovative services and demonstrated the awareness of a sustainable environment. Throughout the years PEY-ART has earned the recognition for producing creative solutions that foster harmony with environment, and satisfy clients, even in the most complex and challenging projects.

PEY-ART services cover initial processes of design and implementation as well as regular maintenance and recovery. Our team, composed of landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, agricultural engineers and technicians, is a group of skilled and capable professionals closely following the developments and innovations of our areas of expertise. . The cooperation and the competence of our team are the keys to create qualitative outcomes. To give a whole and structured answer for the diversity needs of our clients, PEY-ART performs production and growth of interior and exterior plant in 325.000 m2 of nursery, 27.000 m2 of greenhouse and 15.000 m2 of open manufacturing area.

With projects realized in Turkey and around the world PEY-ART is providing world class services. Putting quality of the service and the client satisfaction above all else, and providing a transparent and ethical working environment both within our team and in our relations with clients are our primary principles. We are open to cooperation or providing services for your projects around Turkey, and the international market. For further information please feel free to contact us via info@www.peyart.com.tr, we will be glad to answer to all of your questions, or visit our contact page if you want to find us.

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