Here is the second part of one of the most useful article for a garden planning. We know that is a difficult activity which requires knowledge and professionalism, but first of all requires passion. If you have already a big amount of it, well.. you do not need so much out of it. Start by focusing and get the best tips for the workplan.

Three: one step at a time

Start step by step!

Do not imagine to apply the same transformation you have just seen on the television or internet. Industries and landscape companies have access to professional tools and knowledge and just that environment can achieve projects with high quality standards in a short time. This does not mean you cannot get the same results, but it would require time and passion. What we suggest is: get inspired!



Secondly, after the planning and inspiration you can start with the first creations, for example a flower bed, which is often used for some areas as a beginning structure above which other things could be implemented, whether you think of a solid element like a fountain or an artificial pound surrounded by colorful plants.

The construction process usually follows a calm and constant rhythm, the same one of nature, because if you do not know really well the outcomes of the vivid elements you can create huge problems in the hole project. Plants, water and wood can change dimension, the way the extend and shape and the ground. Fountain and water need a proper settlement otherwise you could have lack or infiltration problems.

Following those rhythm, working with patient and passion will avoid you to get bored or disappointed before the results will come. Creating an ecosystem requires quite long time, according to the dimensions and location of your peculiar area.

Four: Find you focal points
Every garden and every landscape area has at least one focal point a natural hill or a big tree, a statue or a fountain which often are catching the eyes attention. Yet, one of the best practice is starting your constructions around the focal point, as we said before, you can start by drawing a draft and follow your eye, which will surely tell you how to balance the elements in your space.



When you are selecting your shrubs and plants you should check the colors carefully, but you must also pay attention to the dimension and fitting the plant with compatible shrubs and other elements. You can play with any proportion, do not be too much didactical, play with contrasts.

And do not create a jungle, gardens should transmit us harmony and a relaxing atmosphere, which is usually generated by the balance of the elements contrasts, proportions and colors, but also the amount of them.

Six: Welcome Changes

Be always disposed to change your place with your new colors, new plants and elements. You need to maintain the balance in all of the place, but you should not keep it forever! The nature offers so many possibilities. It is challenging and sympatric to change periodically the way you want to make to appear.

Seven: Be Patient
Patience is a virtue!

Landscape designing and implementation is  such a huge work process, you have to consider the fragility  and the complexity of the nature. Designing different drafts, create a pleasant area not only for yourself, but also for the people which will use that piece of paradise. Because is usually what we want to achieve!


The solutions you choose need also to consider the timing they take to get done and the price you need for buying a product and then implementing. These aspects are not usually quite reliable. We just get to know the initial price of a peculiar element, but the implementation a gravel zone or an artificial lake could consist much more costs and unexpected works.

Sometimes it could even happen that you are expecting a peculiar result with some elements which they were looking so fine on the book or on television but they are looking so bad on your garden. Well, do not worry and be patient.

If you are enough passionate for your garden and if you want to get high results then it is just matter of time before you will achieve it. Do not get disappointed or demotivated, you are not alone!

We can help or even suggest you any time by providing professional tools and elements for your garden, a combination of technical and experiences with lot of inspiration is the real mixture which will allow you to create an haven just behind your front door.



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