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PEY-ART attended the 21st International Yapex Exhibition. At the fair, landscape design and applications, structural implementation and many more services were introduced to the hotel, residential, restaurant and pub industries.
PEY-ART attented 21st International Yapex Building and Construction Exhibition. Pey-Art’s landscaping design applications, structural implementation projects, games and sports fields, musical water show and animations, artificial rock implementation, luminary, laser, water and sound applications, indoor and outdoor plants were explained in the exhibition that was held between 31 October – 03 November 2013 in Antalya Expo Center.
Yasar Isbilen who is the co-founder of Pey-Art has indicated that Yapex Exhibitions are developed together with everyone’s participation in Antalya and has announced that they participated in this exhibition every year in the development process of Pey-Art. “With the principle of each structural environment, Pey-Art does not miss any Yapex Exhibitions as well,” Isbilen added.

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