Pey-Art introduced indoor, outdoor plants, projects and pool works in Ornamental Plants Exhibition that was held in Erbil.

PEY-ART attended Iraq Flower Expo. The exhibition that appeals to ornamental plants, floriculture and landscaping industries was held between May 16-19 2013 in Erbil.

Pey-Art has joined the exhibition with 134 m2 area and introduced indoor, outdoor plants, projects and pool works to the experts of the industry. Sedat Isbilen, Yasar Isbilen, Abdi Isik, Ömer Samet Kibar from the team of PEY-ART participated in the exhibition. PEY-ART’s team stated that the exhibition is more qualified than last year and it was visited by more industry stakeholders this year. “The visitors of 2014 Iraq International Ornamental Plants and Landscape Exhibition are the people who need the services that Pey-Art already provides, that’s why, this exhibition was efficient for us. Therefore, we are planning to participate in this fair again next year,” Yasar Isbilen added.

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