Plants need water, they need a proper dosage and a proper quality which will maintain them strong and healthy. There are different system to achieve this purpose such as irrigating structures or humidification watering, which is basically increasing the humidification of the soil, without being too invasive.

The type of watering depends on the species we need to feed, although every methods is well enough as much as the water goes to our plants without hurting them.

irrigation system

Now we will have a look on some simple tips to avoid a bad watering for your plants.

First of all, to get a good greenish results, plants in terraces and balconies must never suffer thirst, they very fragile and they could get sick quite easily so getting ruined in a brief time gap. Plants on the ground instead, they can access to more nutrients they are stronger and they can resist to thirst for a short period without bad consequences.

A common mistake that we use to make in our garden concern the timing: Water has to be given preferably in the morning, rather than the evening, because the earth has cooled all night long therefore absorbs water without causing shock to the roots, which is usually happening when in the evening after the sunny days.

simple irrigation system

The best solution for your garden could be an irrigation system, the perfect option to balance the amount of water daily required and compensate the lack of water when we are not present into our houses. In summer, for example, the plants on the terrace should not stay more than four days without being watered, otherwise they will start to suffer.

Another tip is to group the specimens with the same needs, in this way you will have two advantages, the moisture will increase so you will need a lesser amount of water and, at the same time, it will be easier to maintain them.

In the beginning of this article we have pointed out the peculiarity of the plants which according to the type, they have different needs, and sometimes we forget about this features. If we cannot have a clear distinction of the typology, we can just keep in mind these 2 important rules to keep plants healthy and beautiful :

  • Annual plants flowering need to be watered every day, especially those in small pots. Those large vessels resist a bit ‘more instead.
  • Maintain a fresh soil once every two weeks, within water these are the elements that plants need for and healthy and long life.

We have specified that when we are watering we do not have to hurt plants, we should carefully protect the flowers: the petals are very delicate and the water leaves stains. So we should move the petals with the other hand while watered, without damaging them.

hand watering

Petals and leafs are really delicate, you must be careful especially when you are watering from the top of the vessel. So maintain the water spurt toward the center of the vessel, otherwise you increase risk of damaging the rest of the plant.

Wait until the water is completely drained and the ground wet, at that point throw away the excess of water at the bottom of the vessel .

For watering you can use any watering can with a narrow neck and a proper filter which will avoid of wetting the stems and it will delicately touch the ground.

Once again we hope we gave you a really useful and cheap advice for the wellness of your plants, if you deem so, then just share it on your social networks maybe someone else of your friends could find it useful.


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