We are glad to announce that Pey Art in collaboration with Antalya municipality obtained the first place in the world competition Communities in bloom.

‘Antalya in Bloom’ is the first project from Turkey in this prestigious world competition, Communities in Bloom, organized by a Canadian organization which aims to enhance green spaces by promoting public participation of communities. The subject of the project is Antalya city center.



International judges were truly impressed by the project, and they were astonished from the combination of the worm atmosphere created by Antalya community, which has made a huge difference among the other competitors in the world.

Pey Art actively contribute in the municipality project and we are glad to share this great news with the citizen of Turkey and the citizen of Antalya, which together has achieved this international award.

Antalya in Bloom is another prestigious achievement for a city which day by day grows qualitatively, connecting reality as modernization, green, multicultural environment under a single name, Antalya.




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